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Achieve better health... naturally

Looking for natural products that actually work?

Welcome to Aja!


At Aja Therapeutics, we believe nature is a powerful healer. And we understand that finding products that actually work can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating.

Become a member of Aja and take the guesswork away.


If you are experiencing chronic pain, anxiety and/or depression, sleep issues, skin problems or just want to boost immunity and overall wellness, we can help.


We offer telehealth consultations and a power lineup of products that are 100% organic and free of artificial additives and chemicals.

Many clients have reduced or replaced pharmaceuticals with nutraceuticals by using Aja products.


Our team will work with you to find the best possible products for you. If we cannot assist, we will offer a full refund. 


That's our promise.

Introducing Aja Therapeutics

With Aja Therapeutics, it’s personal.


We searched for natural solutions that worked for our own conditions. We were shocked by the degree of advertising fraud, mislabeling, product contamination and the hit or miss of product efficacy.


We couldn’t find a trusted source for expert advice on safe, potent products for specific conditions.


Our company cared enough about our ailments to be sure we were buying the right products in the correct strength & dosages. We could not find a company that offered natural alternatives to reduce or replace prescription drugs.


We knew we weren’t alone.


So, we worked with the best of the best to create a powerful lineup of 100% organic products that are backed by science, tested and safe, and potent.


We added a membership feature to provide ongoing telehealth clinicians, product recommendations, efficacy monitoring and product discounts. 


We are beyond excited to bring Aja to you!

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Why Aja?

Aja products are formulated and tested by leaders in the development of natural products. Our product lineup features a unique blend of plant flavins and botanical blends that are proven safe and effective.

Aja clinicians are trained healthcare providers with specific knowledge in:

  • Chronic pain, including pain that depends on opioids for relief (Aja Relief Pro)

  • Minor anxiety and depression (Aja Calm)

  • Dermatological issues including skin care (Aja Skin)

  • Sleep issues (Aja Sleep)

  • Immune support (Aja Boost)


BioFlavins are 100% natural and contain a number of medicinal benefits including anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. They also have neuroprotective and cardioprotective effects.

Our vision is to become a trusted source for evidence-based research on BioFlavins for therapeutic purposes and proven plant-based formularies.

Member Benefits 

You don’t need a membership to buy Aja Products.  (Click here to see the full product lineup)


You do need a membership to become part of our clinic, Aja Virtual. 


A telehealth consultation can normally cost upward of $49.95 each time you call. Aja membership of only $10 a month provides unlimited communication with our clinicians. They will provide product recommendations, monitoring of product efficacy, real-time adjustments in dosages and will even send an alternate product to try at no additional charge. 


Membership also provides product discounts, free samples, discounts with strategic partners on their products and services and much more! And we add benefits for our members constantly. 


Nature's Gem

The differentiator in Aja products is BioFlavin; a formulation of over 20 unique flavonoids extracted from plant material including Cannflavin, Quercetin/Quercetin-3, Isocannflavin B, Luteolin-7-0, Apigenin and others.

BioFlavins have been proven to assist with a wide range of pain levels, from mild-severe and acute to chronic pain.

Apigenin has been scientifically and clinically proven to be 30 times more effective than NSAIDs, such as Aspirin, with no side effects or long-term damage.

BioFlavins are 100% natural and contain a number of medicinal benefits including anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. They also have neuroprotective and cardioprotective effects.

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Telehealth Consultations

- Clinicians focused on you

 - Product recommendations

- Efficacy monitoring

- Real-time adjustments or replacements

- Ongoing follow-up

Our Promise

Straight from Nature

- 100% natural

- Free of artificial additives and chemicals

- Scientifically proven

- No long-term or harmful effects

If we have not helped with your concern, you can return product(s) for a full refund.*

*Some conditions apply.

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